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 Tracking Links & Rotator Set-Up

Suggested Click Software:

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P.S. If you are using Click Magik, did you know that Click Magik blocks their competitors links? This is why most of us now use Qliker!

Understanding the difference between Incoming traffic and Outgoing traffic

How to create ‘TRACKING LINKS’

How to fetch your ‘ACTION TRACKING PIXEL’

Please note:

 You will need to add your ‘Action Tracking Pixel’ only 1 time, as long as you keep using that ‘Thank You’ page as your opt-in redirection… 

How to create a ‘ROTATOR’ & locating your ‘ROTATOR LINK’

Please note:

 You will only need to create 1 ROTATOR to do what I do. 

How to add Offers in your ‘ROTATOR’

P.S. Keep in mind that the link that is at the TOP of your rotator will get the most clicks, and the link at the bottom of your rotator will be the one that will get less clicks. This is because of the ‘Spillover’. You will grow your list first, and profit from ‘Spillovers’ as time goes by…

*** If you are trading clicks with other marketers, you should always put your banking partners links above your ‘CPA offers’ and ‘affiliate offers’ in your rotator…

If you work the other way around, it will not work…

By doing it as I show you, you will grow your list AND make money from your ‘Spillover’ traffic!

Think about it… If you keep trading clicks with other marketers, at one point, your list will be big and all the profits that will come-in will be PURE profits for you, WITHOUT any traffic fees at all!

As you will see later during this training, we only recommend you buy traffic in the early stages, and then, your list will big enough to just keep trading traffic to make profits!

*** I hope you get that by now: My goal is to get you to ‘never have to pay for traffic ever again’… once you get the ball rolling!

Suggested Affiliate Offers Marketplaces:

Suggested CPA Networks:

CPA means = Cost Per Action. With CPA offers, you can get paid if someone gives their credit card infos on a free trial for example. Once more with CPA’s you don’t need to sell anything to get paid. However, getting approved by CPA companies for newbies is almost impossible, but there are a few exceptions.

CPA 1: EPIC Boss

CPA 2: MaxBounty

P.S. When applying to CPA networks, you need to tell them that you are an experienced affiliate marketer and traffic seller and you can send anywhere from 50-200 clicks per day. If you tell them you got no traffic and you are a newbie, they will refuse you. Some people get approved, some don’t.

*** If you get declined by the CPA’s above, just promote Warrior Plus or ClickBank offers… 

Although it’s preferable to promote CPA offer along with your other affiliate offers, it’s not the end of the world if you get declined…