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giveaway to get more followers

How to Create a Viral Giveaway to Get More Social Media Followers

Last Updated on November 13, 2020 by Stacey Corrin

Do you want learn how to get followers on social media?

Running a giveaway to get more followers is the easiest way to go viral and explode your following on all platforms. Yet, knowing where to start is a challenge if you’ve never run a giveaway before. How do you ensure your campaign reaches your target audience?

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a giveaway to get more followers on social media. We’ll also show you what to do before, during, and after the contest to ensure your success.

Do Giveaways Increase Followers?

Smart marketers know that giveaways are an excellent way to get more social media followers. They can raise brand awareness, boost engagement with your ideal audience, and encourage people to learn more about your company.

For example, Instagram accounts that run giveaways or contests grow 70% faster than those that don’t. And if you use our secret weapon when building your viral giveaway, you can easily get new followers.

There’s no catch with this method. You won’t need to buy followers, and there are no shady bots involved. Instead, you’ll get REAL followers who are genuinely interested in your business.

But before we show you how to get more social media followers with a giveaway, there are a few tasks to consider.

Tasks Before Launching Your Viral Giveaway

Before creating your giveaway, you need to determine the prize you’ll offer, your giveaway rules, and which contest tools you’ll use. This helps you get everything planned so you can build your giveaway quickly and efficiently.

So how do you get followers with a giveaway? Let’s find out!

1. Choose an Exciting Giveaway Prize

Given that your viral giveaway’s goal is to get more social media followers, you should choose a grand prize that generates excitement.

Choose a prize you know your followers will love and make sure it’s relevant to your brand. If the prize has nothing to do with your business, it’ll be harder to transform participants into potential customers. Instead, they’ll be in it for the freebie and probably won’t engage with your company after

Here are some giveaway prize ideas to get you started:

  • Offer a free new product or service from your business
  • Create a giveaway bundle of products related to your brand
  • Team up with a similar, non-competitor to offer a high-quality prize or gift card
  • Give away limited edition or custom products unavailable elsewhere
Giveaway to get more followers

In this example, MOB Kitchen teamed up with food influencers to offer a huge bundle of kitchen-related goodies. This Instagram post helped them spread the cost of the prize and tap into the audiences of their partners.

2. Set the Rules for Your Giveaway

Next, you need to define the rules for your follower giveaway. This keeps your contest fair for everyone taking part and avoids potential confusion.

There are several different types of contests you can run with different entry requirements. So keep that in mind when putting your rules together. For instance, with classic giveaways, people simply enter for a chance to win. Whereas other contests might require users to submit a photo (for photo contests), a video, or other media.

Classic giveaways tend to be the most popular because they’re easy for people to enter. It’s also a great way to create followers since people won’t have to submit anything.

You should also include the following details in your giveaway rules disclaimer:

  • The minimum age for people to take part
  • If there are any location limits
  • The start and end date and times
  • How people can enter your giveaway (eg, post a picture)
  • The way you’ll draw a winner
  • If your giveaway is sponsored or affiliated with a third party

Make sure your entry methods align with your main contest goals. To run a contest to get more followers, they should be to follow you on your chosen social media platform. For instance, your Instagram account or Twitter profile.

Once you’ve picked a prize and defined your contest rules, think about what tools you can use to make creating an online contest easier.

3. Choose the Best Viral Giveaway Tool

There are several social media marketing and giveaway tools available to help make building your giveaway a breeze. Most include a dedicated contest builder to display your giveaway in a widget. And they include entry options to make it easier for users to enter.

Why not take a look at the best contesting tools on the market by reading our Rafflecopter vs. Gleam vs. RafflePress comparison. This will give you a great idea of which contest app is right for you.

Creating A Viral Giveaway to Get More Followers

Now it’s time to create a giveaway to get more followers on social media. We’ll be using RafflePress to walk you through the process.

RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin on the market. And it’s the only contest tool designed primarily for WordPress users. With the intuitive drag and drop giveaway builder, getting started is super-easy. And with tons of 1-click entry options, you can grow your email list, site traffic, and social media follower count with viral contests.

Click here to get started with RafflePress and download the plugin.

Then, follow the steps below to create your first giveaway.

Step 1: Create a New Giveaway

The first step is to upload RafflePress to WordPress and activate it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on installing WordPress plugins if you need help.

After installing the WordPress plugin, hover your mouse over the RafflePress icon and click Add New to create a new giveaway.

create a new giveaway to get more followers

You’re then taken to a screen where you can enter your contest name and choose a giveaway template. RafflePress has several pre-made templates designed to meet specific contest goals. Like, Grow Your Email List, Refer-a-Friend, and more.

choose refer a friend giveaway template to get more followers

To run a giveaway to grow your followers, choose the Refer-a-Friend template by hovering your mouse over it and clicking Use This Template.

If your contest is more specific, you could choose the :

The next screen you’ll see is RafflePress’s giveaway builder. Here you can enter your prize details, entry methods, and other contest details for users to see in an interactive giveaway widget.

Use a giveaway builder to get more followers

Click the Pencil icon under the Giveaway Prize Details heading to give your contest a title and description.

Click the pencil to enter the contest prize details for your social media follower contest

You can also upload a prize image from your media library or computer by clicking the Select Image button on the right-hand side of the screen.

Upload your prize image

When you’re happy with your prize details, click the Done Editing button.

If you’re offering many prizes, you can add extra prize details by clicking the +Add Another Prize button. Below that, you can also enter the start and end times for your contest.

Add another prize for your giveaway to get more followers

Remember to click the Save button periodically to preserve your settings.

Step 2: Add Ways to Enter Your Giveaway

RafflePress’s viral Refer-a-Friend template, adds 2 ways for people to enter your giveaway including:

  1. Join an Email Newsletter: Users should subscribe to your email list to enter
  2. Refer a Friend – Viral: Ask people to share the contest with their friends to enter

This is a great start for getting more followers through email and social media. But if you have a specific social media platform you want more followers on, you’ll need to make following you there a priority.

For example, let’s say you want more Pinterest followers. To make that your main priority, click the Follow us on Pinterest action to add it to your giveaway widget.

Add the pinterest follow option to get more followers on pinterest

Clicking the action inside the widget reveals more options for customizing the action, including:

  • Change the action label
  • Choose a value (how many entries that action is worth)
  • Make the action mandatory
  • Enter your Pinterest profile URL
settings for pinterest follow option

Since growing your followers on Pinterest is the main goal in this example, set the value to 5 and make it mandatory. This means people HAVE to enter using this method before accessing any other options.

If you’d like to learn how to run a Pinterest contest, check this out.

Step 3: Add Bonus Entries for More Follows

Earlier, we mentioned a digital marketing secret weapon that can explode your social followers. That weapon is bonus entries.

In RafflePress, you can set up bonus entries to drive people to follow your social channels.

Add bonus entries to get more followers

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • If you want more Facebook followers, you can add bonus entries for people to visit you on Facebook
  • For more Instagram users, you can do the same with the Visit us on Instagram action
  • To get more Twitter followers, you can offer another bonus entry to Follow you on Twitter
  • For extra LinkedIn contacts, you can use the Follow us on LinkedIn action
  • And, for more YouTube subscribers, add a 4th bonus entry to visit your channel

Using bonus entries, you’ll get engaged followers because it gives entrants more chances to win and take action on the platforms you want.

You could even ask users to submit a photo or selfie to collect user-generated content (UGC) or leave a comment in your comments section.

It doesn’t stop there either.

The Refer-a-Friend giveaway template includes actions to join your email list and share your contest on social media. As a result, you get qualified email leads and the chance to get even more followers.

Step 4: Finish Designing Your Giveaway

Now that you’ve added entry methods to get more followers let’s finish designing your contest. To do that, click the Design tab. Here you can choose from 2 giveaway layouts, change the widget font, and choose a button color.

Customize the Design of your online contest

Under the Page Background heading, you can upload a background image for your giveaway’s landing page. Just click the Select Image button.

Remember to click Save to save the changes.

Step 5: Display Your Giveaway Rules

Remember the rules you defined earlier? With RafflePress, you can display those rules right inside the contest widget.

Just click the Settings tab and select Giveaway Rules. Here you can paste your rules directly into the widget. Or, you can use the built-in Rules Generator to create a simple set of rules.

Enter your giveaway rules

Click the + Generate Rules button. Then answer questions about your sponsor, contact details, age, and location eligibility information.

generate rules

Then click the Generate Rules button to populate the content area with a simple set of rules. You can also edit and add to the content to suit your business requirements.

generated contest rules

Step 6: Publish Your Viral Giveaway

Now you’re ready to publish your viral giveaway. RafflePress offers 3 different ways to publish your contest in WordPress including:

  1. RafflePress WordPress Block: Use the new WordPress block editor to embed your giveaway widget in a new post or page.
  2. WordPress Shortcode: Embed your contest in the old classic WordPress editor, sidebar widgets, or inside your WordPress theme.
  3. Giveaway Landing Page: Create a clean, distraction-free landing page on your website for your contest.
Publish as a giveaway landing page

The best option for securing the most contest entries is to use the Giveaway Landing Page option. Because there’s nothing else on the page to distract people, they’re more likely to enter your giveaway, getting you more followers.

So, click the Giveaway Landing Page option, then click the Click Here link to add the URL for your page.

Once you’ve done that, click the View button to see what your giveaway landing page looks like.

Landing page for your giveaway to get more followers

Awesome! You have a fantastic looking landing page for your viral giveaway.

After Launching a Giveaway To Get More Followers

The work doesn’t stop once you publish your giveaway. You need to promote it to maximize entries and track your contest’s performance so you can make improvements.

We’ll look at this in more detail below.

Promote Your Giveaway

You can’t simply wait for people to discover your contest. If no-one knows about it, you won’t get any entries. And more importantly, you won’t get the followers you need to reach your business goals.

Instead, you should start promoting your giveaway right away to get the message out and spread the word. There are several proven contest promotion methods available. The easiest way is to share your giveaway post on all your social media channels and ask people to tag a friend in the comments.

For example, in this Facebook giveaway, Risata Wines asked their fans to tag their summer crew. This helped spread awareness about the contest, gaining over 3k comments, 130+ shares, and 900+ reactions.

Contest promotion example

You can also promote your contest with the following methods:

  • Send an email newsletter announcing your giveaway to existing subscribers
  • Add an exit popup linking to your contest that triggers when users are about to leave your site
  • Add a link to your giveaway landing page on your homepage
  • Enter your giveaway into some of these contest and sweepstake directories
  • Use popular giveaway hashtags so your contest is easy to find.

Start promoting your giveaway from the moment it goes live to get tons of entries from the very first day.

Choose and Announce the Winner

Picking a giveaway winner is super-easy in RafflePress. Just head to RafflePress » Giveaways and click the Needs Winners link on the right.

choose winner

On the following page, you can see everything that entered your giveaway, how they entered, and their contact details.

To choose a winner randomly, click the Pick Winner button, select your options, and then click Choose Winners Now.

pick a winner

The winner will be highlighted instantly. Now you can easily click to email them and tell them the good news!

email the winner

Don’t forget to announce the winner on social media, like your Instagram feed, to let your new audience know.

Analyze Your Giveaway Results

When your giveaway is over, take the time to analyze your results. This will help you create a better giveaway next time.

The easiest way to collect actionable data about your contest is with MonsterInsights; the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.

MonsterInsights overview report

MonsterInsights makes it easy to track visits to your contest landing page, website traffic, referral traffic, and more. Even better, you can see all your data right within your WordPress dashboard.

By looking at your data with MonsterInsights, you can see which promotion methods drove the most entries to your contest. Then you can use that information to improve your marketing strategy for future giveaways.

Giveaway to Get More Followers FAQ

What are the best giveaways for Instagram?

If you’re running an Instagram giveaway to get more followers, one of the best giveaway ideas is to run a photo contest. You can then use the content you collect to promote your brand elsewhere.

What are the most popular giveaways?

The most popular types of giveaways are those where users can perform a simple task like sharing or liking your post to win.

What is the best promotional gift?

Some popular promotional giveaway gifts include branded t-shirts, branded tech like USB drives, custom drinkware, and more. You can learn more about promotional giveaways in this guide.

There you have it!

We hope this article helped you learn how to create a giveaway to get followers. When you create a viral contest, you unlock the chance to grow your followers and engage fans more than ever.

What are you waiting for?

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