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Learn Secret Profit Tricks “Gurus” Don’t Want YOU To Find Out About!


This Is The UNFAIR ADVANTAGE We Use To Rake in Huge Profits EASILY While Other People Struggle Or Fail To Make Money Online.


Click Multiply System Is Tried and Tested – Not Just Another New Shiny Object.

Hundreds of people have been using similar software and systems for years. These methods have been hidden by the Gurus and Solo Ad sellers and have been kept secret …until now.

DFY Click Multiply System is NOT for Everyone:

This method is so powerful, that we don’t want it to get into the hands of just anybody.

We need to make absolutely sure you are a good fit for the DFY Click Multiply System, so we ask you to complete a quick application form, or talk with us via Skype chat.

Serious About YOUR OWN REAL Business?

We can only reveal secret software and methods to serious enquirers privately over Skype.

We are happy to answer any questions over Skype for people who are ready to start a serious business. Before we do that we need some information about you.


100{30e1dd42614af61f944008ec98c452bbaf7ee639abf15730929cae27ef5aba26} FREE TRAFFIC Powered By Click Multiply System


ARE YOU READY TO 7x – 21x YOUR Income?

Why Have We Decided to Share Our System With You Now?

We have also been bombarded with emails and adverts from guru Solo Ad Sellers who are selling a BASIC version of click multiplier courses for $5000 and more!


A few of our members asked about these courses so we got access to them to find out more. Check the links to see for yourself:


1. SOLO AD SELLER COURSE AND VIDEOS – $4,997.00 – Michel Sirios. (Become his affiliate)


2. SOLO AD SELLER COURSE AND VIDEOS – $2,997.00 – Prashant Sharma (Become his affiliate)


3. SOLO AD SELLER COURSE AND VIDEOS – $997.00 – Igor Keifets



PS. Quick Word About Co Reg Leads In Case You Are Tempted.

Some SOLO AD SELLERS USE CO REG ARBITRAGE. They buy clicks for 25c, then sell them to YOU as Solo Ads for 50c plus.

Co Reg leads are NOT PROFITABLE for the same reason as ‘retail’ Solo Ads aren’t profitable. DON’T waste your time and money. Try if you must – but buy cheap direct from Co Reg operators – DON’T pay Solo Ad vendor prices.







When you buy courses from these Solo Ad sellers, they basically teach you HOW TO BUY TRAFFIC TO SELL THEIR SOLO ADS as an affiliate for THEM, and make YOU pay for the privilege!

It’s All Ploy To Recruit YOU To Sell THEIR Solo Ads As A “Partner” Or Affiliate. Using YOUR Money To Pay For Their Advertising. 




Why Are Solo Ad Sellers Now Selling Solo Ad Courses?

They surely don’t need MORE competition. The answer is – they make more money selling courses on Solo Ads and getting others to pay for advertising rather than selling Solo Ads.

Recycled Solo Ads are becoming very hard to sell because there is now HUGE competition. Solo Ads have become unprofitable to many.

We stopped selling Solo Ads in 2017 and now concentrate on generating FRESH new subscribers for OUR OWN LISTS for clicks and traffic to our own income streams.

If Solo Ads And Traffic Are So Profitable, Why Sell Them And Give Your Profits Away??


Q. Why sell clicks if they are making money, right??

A. Recycled Solo Ads are not as profitable as FRESH subscribers and leads that’s why Solo Ad sellers sell them.

We make more money by using the traffic for our own offers rather than selling Solo Ads – simple economics. We make more money that way!

We want to make our superior system affordable so everyone can make money online without paying thousands.

If you are looking for a way to make money online quickly and successfully you probably prefer not to have to invest thousands to start.

100{30e1dd42614af61f944008ec98c452bbaf7ee639abf15730929cae27ef5aba26} FREE TRAFFIC Powered By Click Multiply System



Don’t Be Fooled –

Watch these Fake Income Claim Videos!

The Rise of Fake Gurus: The Dark Truth Behind Making MILLIONS from Online Courses.


How To Fake Clickbank Earnings Report Online Now



We do not insult your intelligence by showing fantastic income claims that someone else may (or may not) have made using the system.

No two people are identical with the same work ethic, ability or time to work on a project, so income claims from other people is totally irrelevant.

No Ferraris! No Mansions! No Private Jets!

No one would reveal their private financial information to complete strangers or make their real bank account available to the public.

We do not use hard sell webinars with rags to riches stories or show you mansions with Ferraris in the garage and private jet pictures etc.

Many product pages show faked income screenshots to try to trick people in to buying their product. We do not. We do not use screenshots of income, or show money in PayPal accounts or private bank accounts.

Our System Makes Money For Us And Many Others.

 We Know YOU WILL Get Results, BUT We Cannot Say How Much YOU Will Make Per Month.


Everyone is unique. No two individuals can expect to make the same income as there are many factors that make everyone different.

Your work ethic, ability to learn, your diligence, work time available and your own individual ability (IQ) will affect YOUR income.

Anyone with average intelligence and a willingness to learn can make money with our proven system. You DO NOT need any previous experience or technical skills.

We have developed this system over several years and spent thousands in testing.

I can’t publicize all the products you will have access to, but you will never need to buy marketing products again once you get access to the library.

The members area is updated regularly with new products and methods shared by members.

Remember, thousands and thousands of people are making money with the exact same services and products you have failed with.

The fact that you are new to this is actually an advantage as you probably aren’t influenced by misinformation deliberately put out by JVZoo and W+ sellers.

It’s not in a marketing product seller’s interest to provide profitable products because buyers would then not need to keep buying their latest miracle money maker ‘launch’.

Many people I know have been wasting time and money for years due to buying junk products and following the wrong information.

Some products would actually work, but never the way they say and are often very difficult to set up, and results take much longer than claimed.

But How Much Will I Make?

Depends On YOU and Many Other Factors As Previously Mentioned.

The Vast Majority Of Your Income Will Come

From Your Mailing Lists.


Email marketing consistently outperforms every other channel, by far.

Every day we are bombarded with emails in our inboxes BECAUSE the senders are making money when they send email. Maybe you don’t buy at that moment, but many others will.

“The money is in the list”… we have heard it many times.

A very approximate guide is – you make $1.00 per subscriber per month.

So a 1000 genuine subscriber list will make you $1000 per month.

We have chosen to use Aweber after many years of trying other alternatives.

There is no shortcut – you must generate your own subscribers from traffic channels. You cannot make money from buying other people’s Solo Ads.

Our subscribers are generated from Social media, Viral Promotions.

Our subscribers are ‘generic’ interest subscribers. At the point of signing up we have no idea what specific niches the subscriber may be interested in.

What we DO know about them.

EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, male, female, young or old would like to have more money.

Everyone would like to look and feel better, happier and healthier, if they had the choice.

So – we offer them what they are most likely to want or crave.

More Wealth,

Better Health,


More Happiness.

In order for people to click and then buy from the emails you send, they need to know, like and trust you. Build trust by communicating with them regularly.

Give them interesting content even when you have nothing to sell.

Don’t try to sell something with every email.

Email regularly, several times a week, and once on Sunday Morning.

Offer HIGH PRICED recurring sale premium products.

NO get rich quick products from JV Zoo etc.

Getting People to Your List



•         Design your site to “point” to your opt-in form/squeeze page

•         Give something away as a LIMITED DEAL

•         Provide real, informative posts

•         Add a pop-up


We Will Show You Exactly How To Make The Most Money From Your Mailing List – And How To Make Money WHILE You Are Building Your List.

We will also show you how NOT to use your mailing list.

Bottom Line.

1000 Subscribers can make you $1000 a month if you do your job.

10,000 Subscribers can make you $10,000 a month.

100,000 Subscribers can make you $100,000 a month…


You can make almost unlimited income from your mailing lists if you put in the work and do it properly.


What Does It Take To Make $30,000 A Month, About $1,000 A Day?


Affiliate and CPA with Click Multiply System

100 commissions of $10.00 a day  >>100 sales profit $10.00 a day

20 commissions of $50.00 a day   >> 20 sales profit $50.00 a day

10 commissions of $100.00 a day  >>10 sales profit $100.00 a day


Recurring Services (Agencies)

60 commissions of $500.00 a month

30 commissions of $1000.00 a month

100{30e1dd42614af61f944008ec98c452bbaf7ee639abf15730929cae27ef5aba26} FREE TRAFFIC Powered By Click Multiply System

 Click Multiply System 2021


The Hidden Truth… CRUCIAL Information You NEED TO KNOW To Enable YOU To Finally Make Money Online.


Without The RIGHT Information You Will Continue To Lose FORTUNES While

The Gurus Make Money As If By Magic!


We are a small group of successful marketers with many years of experience and success to share. We will make sure you know everything you need to know to succeed without wasting time or money or trial and error.


They Are Lying To You!


You Are DELIBERATELY Given The WRONG Information To Keep You Buying Shiny Objects In Your Quest For Income Online.

This Is How Gurus and Solo Ad Sellers Make Fortunes Getting Paid-Per-Click, Affiliate Sales – CPA Income and other Income Streams.

No More Waiting For Commissions to be Paid Out.


Passive Income!


Every successful Internet marketer knows:

An email list is the most valuable and profitable asset you can build and OWN.




When You Have A Business That Provides You With A Passive Income…. Without Risking Thousands in PAID TRAFFIC


There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn. YOUR INCOME POTENTIAL IS UNLIMITED!


You can BECOME FINANCIALLY FREE as your Click Multiply System exceeds all your expectations!


100{30e1dd42614af61f944008ec98c452bbaf7ee639abf15730929cae27ef5aba26} OF YOUR TIME IS YOURS to spend as you please.


You can BUILD MORE LISTS, targeting different niches, growing your income exponentially.


It’s the way that I make money. And when you join us, it’s the way you’ll make money too.

Get Paid INSTANTLY Even If You NEVER Sell A Product.


Sell The Clicks AND/OR Make Bank With UNLIMITED Free Traffic To Your Affiliate, CPA or Own Product.

Unfortunately This System normally costs THOUSANDS to set up.


For The NEXT FEW DAYS ONLY you can get access to this life changing system at a NO BRAINER LOW PRICE.

Why Is DFY Click Multiply System BETTER Than Others?


✔ Done For You

✔ Infinitely Saleable

 ✔ Free Traffic

✔ Passive Income

✔ Established – Proven – Repeatable


100{30e1dd42614af61f944008ec98c452bbaf7ee639abf15730929cae27ef5aba26} FREE TRAFFIC

Powered By Click Multiply System


How It Works (short description)


Why we stopped selling Solo Ads in 2017.

Why sell solo ads for 50c a lead when we can make 2 – 3 or 4 times that amount by mailing to our own high converting, rebill and recurring commission offers?


We found that if we generate fresh opt ins from social media and viral sources – the quality of the lead is far better than the overused and recycled solo ads that are supplied by the usual solo ad sellers.


In addition to that – we can generate even more exponential subscribers by viral giveaways and click multipliers in the emails we send out via auto responder.

We set up click multiplier systems with a special twist – Viral Share Lockers and CPA Lockers Offers which get us 7 – 21 times more opt ins than the usual click multiplier system.


✔ We generate more opt ins and get paid up front as people use CPA Lockers to unlock premium content.


✔ We generate more opt ins and get paid up front at the same time we are building our exponential lists.


✔ The subscriber is added to several different auto responder lists – which each promote high converting recurring commission affiliate offers segmented into different niches.


We also use click multipliers in auto responders thereby generating more exponential leads.


We used this system to sell solo ads until 2017 but we quickly realised that we made far more money by using the leads ourselves to sell our own products.

There are too many Features to list in Public but here a few of the UNIQUE features of Click Multiply System:

DFY Click Multiply System

“New DFY Click Multiply System That Generates 7 to 21 Times More Income From The Same Number of Visitors…”

Get This System NOW And Start Making Huge Profits Just Like Gurus Do!

Remember, They All Started From Where You Are Now. Now It’s Your Turn.

Any Newbie Can Do This, Because We Set It ALL Up For You!!




DOWNLOAD 3 TRAFFIC Methods Blueprints

EACH link has 3 ‘sections’ of a product download.

EACH PAGE has YOUR affiliate links via a ROTATOR.





EMAIL TO DOWNLOAD enter email, creating your mailing lists.




TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION To Avoid Disappointment.

Immediately after you read and understand you WILL KNOW HOW Click Multiplier will 7 – 21 x YOUR income.

This is a limited offer which will only be available for one week to 10 days or until LIMITED SPACES are taken.

TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION To Avoid Disappointment.

Don’t lose the opportunity. ORDER NOW.

Who Click Multiply System IS for:

1. People who have some sort of income or their own business, and understand the tremendous opportunity here.

2 People who want to build a serious business and make serious scalable recurring income.

3. People who are willing to learn, and put what they have learned into action and are willing to do the work.

4. People who understand that nothing in life is free and know get rich quick methods don’t work.


Who it’s NOT for

1. People who are Completely Broke and need to make money overnight.

2. People with no ambition and are afraid of change.

3. Quitters and people who make excuses and blame everyone else for everything.

4. People who are always chasing push button riches and get rich quick schemes.


The Special Introductory price is WELL BELOW $1000.00 but you should not consider starting any business if you have less than $1000.00 to invest.

Results Are Guaranteed, but are not instant so don’t spend your last $1000.00!

Get Yours NOW Before The Offer Closes!


Study ALL The Information On The Website


QUICKLY Get Accepted Into Any CPA Network









Sign Up Or Open An Account Where Appropriate.


https://ahrefs.com/   ($7 for 7 days trial)












https://poweradspy.com/  no need to buy yet









https://www.fiverr.com/  Make a NEW Account.

















FB, Google, Twitter are heavily censoring content and are not affiliate friendly.

These new Social Media are growing quickly.








Study This PDF And The Information On The Website


Study the information, follow the steps, take action and be patient.

Don’t expect instant results, there’s no such thing unless you win the lottery.

You are not getting money automatically deposited into your bank account overnight without doing any work!

I didn’t get where I am by quitting, and I don’t feel the need to cater to quitters either.

I know for a fact that what I’ve created here is worth FAR MORE than the price you’ll pay for it.

It’s as ‘done for you’ as it can possibly be.

I am giving you the vehicle, the machine, but YOU have to DRIVE IT to your destination.

I cannot teach you basic internet marketing skills you should already have.

I cannot teach you how to run your business.

You must take responsibility for your own business and learn the necessary procedures.

You must use your own initiative, intelligence and common sense when running any business.

There are tutorials on YouTube and Google for every aspect of Internet marketing.

Use them if you need to.

I am not a legal adviser. You must do your own due diligence.

Now you have seen all the work involved you will understand why:

It takes about 14-36 business days – excluding weekends and holidays to set up your System after we have all your information, if your Hosting is compatible.




Some people want instant push button automatic riches. They pay a nominal sum for a service or product, then expect money to flood in to their bank accounts with no work on their part, then shout ‘scam’ when it doesn’t happen.

Some people who have a history of failing online tend to label everything as a scam because they failed.

The fact is, most methods work if they are set up properly and the required work is done.

They often blame other people for their failure and call everything a scam. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush just because you failed to make money with a particular product or service.

Don’t enter each new product with cynicism, negativity and contempt expecting to fail again so they can blame others and shout ‘scam’ again. Don’t create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Remember, thousands and thousands of people are making money with the exact same services and products YOU HAVE FAILED WITH.


Software – Courses – Themes – Plugins – Information


I do not endorse or guarantee any of the product creators claims on their sales pages.

Use at your own risk and discretion. I make no claims or guarantees regarding the products I share with you as free gifts. Don’t complain to me if you have any issues with FREE GIFTS I share.

You can accept as they are at your own risk, or delete the files. Don’t ask me for any newer versions, upgrades, OTO versions.

I also share other information you may find useful from other marketer’s tutorials, or Youtube Videos I did not make.

I did not create all the products, plugins, themes; site builders I share with you for free.

Do not ask me how to use free gifts I give to you. If you are interested in using them, follow the vendors the instructions.

If I share my Software/plugin Licenses with you – please do not contact support of the product if you have a problem. If you want to buy the product for yourself then use their product support, please do so.

Use Google for additional information..

I am not charging, you have no right or expectation for me to deliver FREE GIFTS to you in any set time scale.

I am not selling nor do I have any affiliation with any of the products I share. You have not been charged anything for products I share.

If Torrents or download links are broken or unavailable, the product is no longer available.

Anything I share with you is only for your own private use, so please do not sell or share products I give you access to.

You are welcome!



“Do the work once, get paid forever!”

Better Option: Get it all the work DONE FOR YOU!