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How Would You Like To Pocket $900+ Per Day By Getting Free Leads And By Using Other People’s Money To Scale-Up?

If you’re NOT making money right now,




You’re new to the internet business and are confused on where to start…


You spent money and countless hours to just make a few bucks…


Perhaps you are just missing that 1 thing that makes a difference…


You want a converting funnel…


You want to sell products that convert from your list…


You want to sell traffic from your email list to maximize your profit pulling potential from every lead…


You want your network and funnels to be set-up the right way!


You want to get INSTANT results…

Whatever Your Reasons Are, Everything Changes Now!

I remember back in my early internet marketing days, when Facebook, Google and Youtube didn’t exist… how many sleepless nights I spent in front of my 3 feet wide computer screen, desperately trying to find ways to “Crack The Money Making Code”…

I can’t explain in words, the head aches I had through the process of building my business as everything was so new to everyone! Back then, people had problems logging-in their email accounts…

Today, the problem is the opposite… My grand-ma can log into her email account and Tweet Brad Pitt, there are plenty of crappy “shiny objects” that don’t work and “Self Proclaimed” coaches that have no clue of what they are doing!

The good good news is that there are good people out-there, willing to help you, that have shown over and over again that they can lead you to success!

Bottom line, whatever the problem or challenge you might be facing right now, can be resolved starting today!

Let Me Take You By The Hand!

No matter the career or job you are into right now, the right business model and training is what makes you become good at what you do, I’m sure you agree!

If you think about it, you’d even get a training to “flip burgers” at McDonald’s if you were to get hired by them…

So now, can you imagine now how much you need training when it comes to something as technical as Internet Marketing?

It’s a bit more technical than flipping burgers, right?

Aside from the funnel, which is the “Heart” of your business…

An Internet Marketer needs to be good at:




Understanding simple instructions


Replicating simple instructions


Using specific programs










And much more…

Let’s be realistic here… No one is able to learn all of that through e-books or video coaching series… simply because THEORY and PRACTICE are totally DIFFERENT!

Like any other job, Internet Marketing requires training and that’s REALITY!

The Average Internet Marketer Spends More than $1,000 Per Year On Useless Products & Training!

What you might not know now is that… over a period of 1 year, Internet Marketers spend on average more than $1000 on useless books, crappy software that don’t work and the result is that they stay stuck, not progressing and barely making money!

Wouldn’t you rather get INSTANT results, have someone assist you every step of the way to help you progress and scale your business to MAXIMIZE your R.O.I. (Return of investments)?

So What’s The Alternative?

“Done For You” Services By Michel Sirois

Through my “Done For You” & coaching service…


I take you by the hand


Set you up from top to bottom


I coach you on how to keep your business going


And assist you in your progression


And much more…

It’s my mandate to make you successful, brand you as a leader to get recognized as a “Top Earner” of your niche!

But before We Get Into It, Let Me Show You This…

So far this year, I made $34,367.50 with Solo Ads…

I made $2,075.36 in the last 30 days in affiliate sales, just from my spillover traffic…

(My REPEAT Clickers)

And this can only be achieved 1 way and that’s…


By having the right lead capturing funnel to get leads that will buy your offers


By having the right sales funnel to juice-out all the profit potential right from the ‘get-go’


By having the right email campaigns to turn cold leads into red-hot buyers


By having your own products to get people to: Know you, like you, trust you


By having your own affiliate program to get free ‘autopilot’ traffic


By having the ability to sell traffic from your email list to make even more money from the same customers

YES! The Money Is In The List But…

You’re Finally Realizing Now That… The PROFITS Are In” TRAFFIC SELLING”

It’s a fact that those who buy solo ads WITHOUT selling Solo Ads of their own, DON’T make much money, if any at all…

By Selling traffic…

You Are Using Your Client’s Money To Scale-Up…


Solo Ad Sellers sell their clicks anywhere from $0.35-$0.95 PER UNIQUE CLICK.

It’s not uncommon that Solo Ad Sellers Make Up To $900 Per Day!

… And I’m being conservative here!

But what if I showed you a way where you can build your powerful email list that allows you to get affiliate commissions, get free traffic and sell traffic ‘ALL IN 1’ + I will even provide you the leads to get started and make profits right away!



…Because as a traffic seller, you make money by selling clicks, whether your clients get sales or not… It’s risk-free!



Module 1:

Your Own ‘CUSTOM-MADE’ Lead Capture Funnel

Content Created With Optimizepress 3.0:
No Setup Required,
It’s 100% Done For You

A ‘Mobile Friendly’ branded lead capturing funnel like this is easily worth:


Capturing leads is what makes long-term profits, by being able to email people on a daily basis.

If your lead capturing funnel sucks, all your efforts after that will be in vein.

By letting us create your lead capturing funnel for you, you will be sure that your main entry point is secure and ready to grow without any hassle. 

Module 2:

Your Own ‘CUSTOM-MADE’ Sales Funnel

To get MAXIMUM conversions, you need a NEW & FRESH funnel, that will HELP your audience solve the same issues you’ve most likely gone through as a new marketer.

By having a CUSTOM-MADE funnel made by me, you are INCREASING your profit pulling potential by a factor of 10X if not more, simply because I know what converts and what doesn’t.

By having a complete sales funnel that includes 3 x ‘1 Time Offers’ (Upsells and downsells).

Content Created With Optimizepress 3.0:
No Setup Required,
It’s 100% Done For You

A ‘Mobile Friendly’ branded sales funnel like this is easily worth:



Your web pages will be created on Optimizepress 3.0


Your offer will be set-up in your Warrior Plus account


We will set-up your front-end offer for you


We will set-up your 3 x ‘1 time offers’ for you (Upsells and downsells)


You will get paid 100% commissions on all your sales since you will own the entire offer


Paid directly in your PayPal via Warrior Plus


Instant payouts: No ‘7 days’ waiting period for funds to clear

Module 3:

Your Own Affiliate Program

Nothing beats FREE LEADS and that’s basically what an affiliate program will bring you if you are the one owning it.

You see, as an affiliate you would only get commissions on your own sales… But as the program owner, you will be getting a cut of the profits on ALL the sales your affiliates will be bringing in.

Needless to tell you that this will make a HUGE difference in your revenues.

Very often what kills a business are the traffic fees… But by selling traffic of your own AND by getting free traffic from your affiliate is what will separate you from chum-change to life-changing income, WITHOUT profit losses!

Set-Up On Warrior Plus:
It’s 100% Done For You

An Affiliate Program like this is easily worth:



You will get paid 100% commissions on all your traffic sales


You will get paid 100% commissions on ‘1 time offer’ sales


You will get paid directly in your Warrior Plus wallet

Module 4:

Your Own Custom-Made Affiliate JV Center

To attract affiliates so they can send you free traffic, you will need what we call a ‘JV PAGE’.

This page will be used to display the main offer and ‘One Time’ offers I will be setting-up for you.

Like this your affiliates will be able to get information on your offer before promoting it.

In today’s day and age, marketers expect to see a JV page before committing to promoting your offer and sending you free traffic.

Content Created With Optimizepress 3.0:
It’s 100% Done For You

A JV Promotional Center like this is easily worth:



Includes complete set of email swipes


Includes a complete set of banner ads

Module 5:

14 x Custom-Made High Converting Banner Ads

Banners are highly effective when used to advertise online. Banners grab viewer’s attention a lot more. So we have decided to create a complete set of FOURTEEN promotional banners, so you don’t spend unnecessary time and money creating them.

All these banners come into standard dimensions that  you can use on your blogs, websites and even on banner ad networks.

These awesome banners will drive a swarm of visitors for you and your affiliates when used effectively.

Banners Ads Delivered In JPEG Format:

It’s 100% Done For You

A set of Banner Ads like this is easily worth:


…for these 14 promotional banners, taylor made for your offer. All these shapes and dimensions are proven and are used everywhere. So you can use them everywhere you want.

Module 6:

5 Custom-Made Credibility Boosting Email Series For Your Affiliates

Content Delivered In Word Doc:

A CUSTOM-MADE set of promotional email swipes like this is easily worth:



Written by a professional sales copywriter


Your affiliate will be able to use these swipes to sell your front-end offer


Your affiliates will love using them, it’s ‘done for them’

Module 7:

I Will Set-Up A Complete Email Swipe Set For Your Lead Capturing List & Buyers List

This Will Get You Huge Opens, Clicks & Sales!

It’s 100% Done For You:

A Responsive Email Set-Up like this is easily worth:



I will add all your email swipes for you in your autoresponder


I will add your links for you


I will add your name and picture for you in each email


Completely hands-off for you

Module 8:

Your Own CUSTOM-MADE ‘Solo Seller‘ Sales Page

Page Created On OptimizePress 3.0 & Listed In Warrior Plus:

It’s 100% Done For You

A ‘Solo Seller’ Sales Page like this is easily worth:



Your ‘Solo Seller’ sales page will be created on OptimizePress 3.0


The payment buttons will be added via Warrior Plus


100% Done For You


This page will get you clients who want to buy traffic from you, on autopilot… when I will teach you how to make it happen

Module 9:

I Will Show You How To Sell Traffic From Your Own Email List & Make Up To $900+ Per Day Just Like Me!

‘1 On 1’ Live Training On Skype:

A Training like this is easily worth:


… for a ‘1 on 1’ live training like this. I will be showing you the easy tricks to make your traffic business real easy to manage and most importantly how to send clicks to people who buy clicks from you.

Module 10:

Complete Training On How To Get Clients

‘1 On 1’ Live Training On Skype:

A Training like this is easily worth:


… for a ‘1 on 1’ live training like this.


I will show you how to find clients who are looking to buy traffic.


I will show you how an easy hack to get tons of testimonials, which in return will bring you even more traffic sales


I will show you how to invoice your clients.


I will show you how to offer discount coupons that will be done for you, ready to give to your clients.


And much more…

Bonus 1:

Unlimited Support

‘1 On 1’ Support Service:

Unlimited Live Access with a 20 years marketing veteran:


It’s important to have someone answer your questions and monitor you when you start.

Your progression is the most important thing of all.

By making sure you are doing things right, you can only succeed.

And when you have questions or need more training, I am always 1 click away!


Get 200 FREE Solo Swipes

Swipes Delivered In Word Doc Format:

To get 200 Solo Swipes, you would normally pay at least:



These are the same 200 swipes I use over and over to get people to click my clients links


These swipes are specially made to get MASSIVE OPENS & CLICKS… and this is important when you are selling traffic from your email list!


Get 3 Promotional Posts & 4 Banner Ads To Get Autopilot Sales

Promotional Banner Ads Delivered In JPEG Format:

To get posts and banner ads like this, to sell traffic, you would normally pay at least:



Simply post them where we show you


This will generate traffic sales for you on autopilot


Get 1,000 FREE SUBSCRIBERS Delivered On Your Email List

(Not clicks… but SUBSCRIBERS!)

I asked myself: ‘What’s the point of selling you a SCALABLE business if I can’t provide you with the leads that allow you to sell traffic from your email list right from the start’, would you agree?

This is why I’ve decided to include 1,000 RESPONSIVE SUBSCRIBER on your email list.

This will allow you to be able to generate affiliate commissions AND and make profits from your traffic sales right off the bat.

Giving you the ‘Lead Power’ you need right off the bat, is what will make you successful from day 1!

Leads Delivered In Aweber Or GetResponse:

To get 1,000 SUBSCRIBERS on your email list, you would normally pay a MINIMUM of:



With 1,000 subscribers you can easily sell 100-200 click packages per day!


Now let’s say you sell your clicks at $0.45, this can make you anywhere from $45 to $90 per day just for selling traffic!


The fact that I am providing you with 1,000 subscribers gives you enough LEVERAGE to SCALE-UP and keep growing your online business…

See What Our Students Have To Say About Our Traffic Seller ‘Done For You’ System…

Great Service, Great Strategy, Amazing Results

I had the pleasure of taking Michel’s coaching & “Done For You” Service… and I have to say that this is the best decision I’ve made in a long time!

This is not the typical stuff we read in e-books or video trainings. Michel’s strategy is truly is effective and easy to implement.

Michel created the web pages, he made and placed my ROTATORS in strategical areas of my funnel, he even (created, linked and loaded) my email swipes in my autoresponder…

Michel took care of everything! All I needed to do from there was to replicate what he taught me during the 1 On 1 Coaching on Skype to keep growing my list.

I started driving traffic through my funnel and it’s now exploding! His technique on generating traffic is out of this world!

Anyone who wants to make money online should take Michel’s offer to start your business for you!

Thanks for everything.

Valiledu Subramaniam

Genuine And Candid!

Struggling to make money online for quite sometime and joined a Biz Ops spend lots of money and can’t really see where I am going, until I met Michel.

I bought his “Done for you” service and what I can say is, it is really more than worth it!

Michel is a genuine and candid person that teaches you with all his experience and proven methods to make money online and make sure you understand one thing before proceeding to the next, unlike other “coaches” that rushes through the trainings just to get things done.

He is Always there to answer my questions and pointing me to the right direction.

If you are looking for coaching or want to make money online, Michel is the person you should go to and most importantly I believe if you are new to the Internet Marketing World, you need a someone you can TRUST,and show you the ropes. Cheers Michel!!

Samuel Cheong

You Get The Whole Enchilada…

What can I Say about Michel and his services? Well, first, “Done for you” is really an understatement.

Whenever you deal with Michel, you can rest assured that you will not only receive an exceptional product but also access to all his support and expertise.

Michel is not just here to make a quick buck, he is very passionate about what he does and it clearly shows through his work and commitment.

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Michel and am so glad I found him and decided to take him up on his offer.

I have seen people charging the same or even more to simply build a lame product with a couple of banners and a sales page. What a ripoff when you can get the whole enchilada with Michel!

So 2 thumbs up for Michel and his services, I should probably keep my mouth shut and keep this secret to myself but this feedback is hard earned and well deserved!

J.P. Provencher

Get All The 10 Modules & 4 High Value Bonuses


Module 1: Your Own ‘CUSTOM-MADE’ Lead Capture Funnel – $975


Module 2:Your Own ‘CUSTOM-MADE’ Sales Funnel –  $9,500


Module 3: Your Own Affiliate Program – 4,950


Module 4: Your Own Custom-Made Affiliate JV Center – $1,950


Module 5: 14 x Custom-Made High Converting Banner Ads – $250


Module 6: 5 Custom-Made Credibility Boosting Email Series For Your Affiliates – $275


Module 7: I Will Set-Up A Complete Email Swipe Set For Your Lead Capturing List & Buyers List – $1,975


Module 8: Your Own CUSTOM-MADE ‘Solo Seller’ Sales Page – $1,950


Module 9: I Will Show You How To Sell Traffic From Your Own Email List & Make Up To $900+ Per Day Just Like Me! – $2,950


Module 10: Complete Training On How To Get Clients That Want To Buy Traffic From You – $3,950


BONUS 1: Unlimited Support – $997


BONUS 2: Get 200 FREE Solo Swipes! – $950


BONUS 3: Get 3 Promotional Posts & 4 Banner Ads To Get Autopilot Sales – $150


BONUS 4: Get 1,000 FREE SUBSCRIBERS Delivered On Your Email List – $1,600

If you wanted to start your own traffic business from scratch, where EVERYTHING IS DONE FOR YOU, it would cost you at least…


$32,422 + Coaching Fees

As you probably know by now, A LOT of ‘man hours’ will be spent on setting-you up and it’s worth every penny…

By signing-up right now, you are GUARANTEED to make up to $90 PER DAY JUST FROM THE LEADS WE GIVE YOU AS A BONUS TO SELL TRAFFIC + all the affiliate marketing commissions you will make every day!

Don’t Let This Opportunity Pass You By…

This is your chance to finally profit by having your own traffic business!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by…

By using your clients money to scale-up your business, by selling traffic and by getting affiliate commissions ‘all in 1’, is what will make you LONG-TERM AUTOPILOT PROFITS!

As you know by now, traffic costs are ‘business killers’, unless it never costs you money from your pocket like my system will do for you!

You have all to gain, nothing to lose!

This complete ‘Done For You’ service will give you an UNFAIR advantage over your competitors.

We’re arming you with everything you need to become an INSTANT AUTHORITY in the ‘TRAFFIC SELLING’ niche market.

And for limited time only, you can benefit from our low introductory price to sign-up now…

Don’t delay…

This special offer is EXTREMELY limited!


Yes! I Want Access Now!

I understand I’m receiving the following ‘Done For You’ Service:


Now Go Get It:




Michel Sirois

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