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Never Fail System 3.0

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DFY package, I will set up the email, the name of the channel, fill it with the logo, and header


After this, we will set up a team to upload videos for you.

We will use some of the funds you’ve paid to add weekly videos for 4-6 months depending on the cost/niche.


We will also set up a backend funnel to send out emails for you and make affiliate sales. 


more cost that will be needed through the DFY?

This will help with estimating the true costs to run the business.

After the initial period, the channel should be running pretty much automatically.


After the initial “Done for You” period, the investment on your side would be about $500 a month depending on the niche. This will make you anywhere from 5-12 videos per month, all done for you by your team. Optional, if you prefer you can create videos yourself.

ill your team be handling everything until it generates consistent income per day?

When does it start and end?

We cannot predict the exact income and time – but we will continue working on your project until you start making money.

Your channel and other income streams should produce income in 30 days or sometimes longer.


Of course, you’ll get continual help weekly over Skype or email.


How much work in terms of time/cost & efforts would be required to maintain the consistent business income?

After the initial DFY period, you can easily maintain your Channel and websites in 2 hours a day. Not every day, but as needed.


If you want us to completely manage your site so you are 100% hands off, As said above, this would be around $500 per month depending on the niche, for 10-12 videos per month.


At this point, adding videos shouldn’t take much of your time and effort.


How soon do you project the income generated can cover the cost of the DFY course?

My personal experience is that new YouTube channels, managed weekly with consistent uploads, take anywhere from 6-24 months to pay off and generate a decent income. 


BUT this is not the normal setup. Our Never Fail System can create INCREASING RECURRING income within 30 days




Absolutely! RESULTS 100% GUARANTEED.

That’s the whole point of the NEVER FAIL SYSTEM – it never fails.


100% Money Back Guarantee!

We believe that if you did not receive the same or even more value from us than you invested, we don’t want your money. We will refund your money 100% if you are not absolutely happy with the program.


What’s actually expected of me if I join?

We need you to set up Affiliate and CPA accounts etc. Send us your Affiliate links.


Why are there only 10 Spots, Will you do this Done For You Package Again?


I am only offering this DONE FOR YOU setup now because I am in the process of teaching my children. It’s easier to deal with several members at the same time than work on one per month for example.

I would never offer such a comprehensive package at this price again. I would need to charge at least 10x what you are paying, even then there must be special circumstances to make me set up more systems after this 10 have been completed.

It’s just too much time and effort.




This Offer Closes as soon as the last places are taken